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Most schools are dilapidated, un-attended to and what we call education is not very encouraging. The English levels of a standard six adult are far better than of an HND holder today and certainly, his phonetics are far superior. Education had declined so terribly it needs urgent overhauling before it collapses

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Cocoa, Cassava, groundnuts, oil palm, fisheries, and peppers. Increased production, an extra layer of the value chain to processing for export. We are currently taking stock of our assets both private and public and are aware of Ilaju Gari with 5,000 hectares of land, we are looking at other farm settlements (some are now estates)

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Industries & Infrastructure

Cosmetics, Automobiles, Food and Agro-allied-production, Energy, lumber, and wood processing. Some we can do immediately others can take a few short years. We must develop the industrial capacity to have industries employing upwards of 20-30,000 employees running shifts. It is the only way to reduce unemployment drastically.

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Health services in Oyo State are not at the level they ought to be. Primary health care services are so basic outside Ibadan they can hardly meet the needs of the locals. Many such clinics do not have anti-snake venom to treat immediate snake bites. Ambulance services are almost non-existent outside of Ibadan

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